Nine Patch Scrap Quilt | part 2


My quilt is done and here’s the post about it! Click here for part 1.

Since the first post, I decided to add another 15 blocks because I wanted all four corners to have a 9 patch block. With 98 blocks and a square throw shape, that pattern wasn’t happening. Plus once the top was all sewn together it was a smidge smaller than I wanted.

After the top was complete, I combed through my remaining scrap pile and pulled out all of the black and white fabrics since those seemed to be the most plentiful. Some of these ikats are from some of my first ever garment projects, which is pretty fun.

I waffled for a bit on how to bind this quilt. I started with wanting to use the greenish Calvin Klein bed sheet I’d used for my Tamarack jacket. Then I though about using the backing to do mitered corners. There was a brief time where I thought about doing prairie points to use up even more scraps but ultimately I went back to that thrifted bed sheet/traditional binding method.

I cut up the last of the bed sheet into straight of grain strips because there weren’t any curves that’d require a bias cut. I have a lot leftover which I’ll use to bind some small scale quilted projects. I really love this color.

Once the quilt backing was assembled, I realized I didn’t have enough space to baste the layers in my sewing room and would have to do this step in the basement. It took a couple of weeks before I got around to washing the basement floor.

For the quilting pattern, I wanted something that would showcase the blocks. A simple stitched in the ditch grid pattern was done and I love it. I had to move my sewing machine to my cutting table to quilt since my machine is usually up against a wall. It took a couple of days to quilt. I went too hard the first night and my hips were very angry from a long stand up sewing session.

I then machine stitched on the binding to the right side. To finish, I hand-sewed it to the back, which I did at the beach. I’d say this is the best environment for finishing a multi-year quilt project!

And here she is, my fourth quilt (see the others here). I ran around with it on the beach to celebrate.

Here’s my classic “I just finished a quilt” pose.

9 Replies to “Nine Patch Scrap Quilt | part 2”

  1. Inspirational and it is very beautiful. I want to make another quilt. It has been a while since I made my last quilt.

  2. Late to the party, but I’ve just recently discovered your amazing blog, and I’m REALLY LOVING IT. Your sense of color and talent for matching scraps is really evident here. I really admire your creativity.

  3. Love the combination of the mini quilt and the window treatment! Did you plan to use those colors, or was it just a case of the same eye making the selections? That workshop looks like so much fun!

  4. I just found you, standing on the precipice of 2024 😁 but WOW, I love this. Especially your celebration on the beach! 🙂 I can relate! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’ve needed a bit of inspiration right now. In a quilting slump, maybe it’s just been due to the time of year but you lit my pilot light! 😉

  5. I just found your blog and have been reading it from the start. I find its calmness inspiring and love your sense of style and colour. The quilt is a great reflection of your style esthetic.

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