Rearranged, more tables.


I’m a rearranger. I get a boost of creativity from rearranging a space. You can see several iterations of my space (and past spaces) here.

Everything started with wanting to downsize my cutting table. The big IKEA table was fine but it really dominated the room and wasn’t super sturdy.

These Husky tables had been my sewing tables (they were lined up along the back wall) and I’d taken off the drawers because I kept bashing my knees on them while sewing. I knew with the drawers attached, they’d make a much better (adjustable height) cutting table and would allow me to have all my cutting tools at my fingertips.

I really, really love this new cutting set up. The wall mounted system I’d been using to store all this was starting to annoy me since I’d have to carefully grab each item in order to not make the hooks fly off the pegboard. It was also a dust magnet.

Once my sewing tables transformed into the cutting table, I splurged and bought three more Husky workbenches without drawers and wheels (the wheels made them too tall before).

I knew I wanted to flip the space too so that the table length could increase. I’m able to fit all my personal machines and the machines I use for work all together without having to move stuff around as often. The little swivel corner where I can stitch a seam and then spin to my serger is my favorite part.

I’m planning on replacing these IKEA cabinets too with this old dental cabinet I’ve been trying to restore for a while.

Rearranging kinda helped me de-prioritize my work-from-home set up too. My computer desk had always been in a major corner of the room and now it’s in between the two sides, which has made it take up less mental space. It’s across from the built in fabric storage pictured on the right.

Moving my computer table freed up this corner for art! I lost my practice during the past 5+ chaotic years and I’m desperate to find it again. It’s not routine yet, but at least I’ve started.

And finally, after working in this space for several years, I realized it was missing something crucial to any creative practice – a comfy spot. It’s not complete yet (this is an air mattress) and the coffee table is much too large, but it does the job. My husband is building me a custom daybed and I’m going to learn some upholstery skills too. This spot will double as a guest space, but will mostly be my Knitting (and seam ripping) Nook.

2 Replies to “Rearranged, more tables.”

  1. Everything looks so fresh and bright and ready for creativity! It’s a wonderful feeling rearranging your space for a new season. I quite agree – it helps boost creative energy.

  2. It’s going to be great!!! Good point about re-arranging. I was just wondering if I’m crazy for doing that. But yours is an excellent point of view – and totally right 👍🏽

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