Keyhole Scarf | free tutorial by Northside Knit Co


While working on my second Good Night, Day sweater, I decided to take a break to knit up this fun scarf.

I had a little bit of false start though with this too scratchy wool from my stash . Maybe I’ll finish it anyway and give it to someone who can tolerate itchy neck things.

Determined to make one I would wear, I dug into my yarn stash and found a fun speckled yellowy-brown color. This is all thrifted yarn that will soon return to the thrift store. It takes up too much room and I’ve had all of it for too long.

The tutorial I used is by Northside Knit Co. It’s free and can be found in a story highlight on their Instagram. My brain appreciates any knitting project that includes video demos.

This was a great project do while my work computer needed to think about rendering video clips. Spinning pinwheel of doom, knit a row, spinning pinwheel of doom, knit a row…

I think this yarn is some sort of synthetic, so not my favorite, but it’s soft and in a color that works with a lot of my clothes.

I think it’s real cute.

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  1. This scarf pattern is an oldie from the 1940s and 50s. I have lots of vintage pattern books inherited from my great aunt (born in 1895!) and this scarf appears in an old Patons booklet from that era. I don’t think it’s ever gone out of style. When your stash runs out you could make a soft natural fibre version in an alpaca blend (just make sure it’s superfine alpaca). I think the original version might have had some angora in the mix; it was so popular in those decades. As a knit designer, I love seeing your knitting adventures whilst being inspired by your sewing ones.

  2. Good morning.
    I am desparetly searching for the pattern of The Keyhole Scarf.
    I have made them before, unfortunately pattern faded.
    Could you please help me?
    Much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  3. I would like to have the pattern of The Keyhole Scarf, to knit it for
    the elderly at our church.

    1. I’ve linked to where you can find the pattern in the blog post. If you’re unable to access it on Instagram, I’d suggest checking Ravelry, or doing a Google search.

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