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I made this skating outfit shortly after ordering a pair of Moon Boots from Moonlight in 2020. It’s the Axis tank by Sophie Hines and the Summer shorts by Sew DIY. The fabric is from Spoonflower and I kinda hate it.

I didn’t quite get the fit right on the shorts, but I also think the fit is meant to be cheeky and that’s definitely not what I’m into when it comes to shorts. I’m a full-coverage gal, especially when exercising. I lengthened the pattern attempting to get more fabric over my butt, but it all pools under the waistband.

I made this skate ensemble at the beginning of May. It’s another Axis tank (it’s truly an excellent pattern) and a pair of Seamwork Mel joggers. For the joggers, I shortened the legs by 2″, added 1″ to the cuff length, and omitted the drawstring. I thought about testing out using a chain stitch (coverstitch) for the waistband, but chickened out and went with a zigzag. I’m pretty sure it would have worked. The fabric is a screen printed cotton jersey from North of West‘s warehouse sale.

I didn’t use my serger at all when constructing this Axis tank. I used the lightning stitch on my regular sewing machine for the back and shoulder seams, then reverse coverstitched them. I pressed the seam allowances open, but think I should press them to one side next time I use this construction method. The bands were also attached with the lightning stitch, then I used the narrow double needle coverstitch to topstitch in place.

Here’s baby me with my grandma who’s the reason I have any balance on, or interest in quad skates. She also made the pink pom poms on my skates.

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  1. I love the pictures of you with your grandma. Your pink pompoms are cute. And I think your grandma cuts a stylish figure on her skates!

    1. Thanks! I only recently learned that she was pretty bad ass on skates – she could do all sorts of jumps and spins! I so wish there was video of this 🙁

  2. Hi! A question not related to this, but to your posts about your sewing room. I’m looking at various tables and I like the husky tables you have, but I’m wondering why you didn’t select a “sewing table” that allows one to drop the sewing machine plate level to table height. I’d love your thoughts on this.

    1. I find most “sewing tables” to be pretty ugly and very expensive. These Husky tables aren’t perfect, but I linked to them because a lot of folks inquired. Buy whatever works for you!

    1. Those look pretty neat! I guess I’ve only ever looked at tables like Koala cabinets, which are $2-3 grand. Machines on top of a table is 99% of my sewing experience, but I imagine it’s great for your back!

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