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  1. I see this is an older post but I hope you’re still monitoring comments. Are your Bernina FHS knee lift bars functional with these worktables or do the drawers get in the way? I love how you have your sewing machine, serger and cover stitch set up in a row so you can just scoot from one machine to the next one. I’m about to move into a much smaller home where my sewing room is going to be less than 1/3 of what I’m used to having and I am in PANIC mode.

    1. The FHS works with the drawers but I have since turned those tables into my cutting table. I couldn’t get them low enough and still have room for my knees.

  2. Wonderful workspaces! Can you tell me: Do you know the height at which you have set your Husky Workbench? I see you have the 2-drawer Workbench. Are you able to sit and sew comfortably with your knees under those drawers, or do they get in the way? I’m looking for sewing table solutions. Any advice welcome!

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely and organized sewing space! I was wondering if you could please share the source for your closed white cabinets–are those IKEA, and if so, which ones, and which bases? I too have a making space with slanted walls, and it looks like those cabinets would work perfectly under the eaves. Thank you!

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