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When I was first learning to sew, I painstakingly made one thing at a time, from start to finish. . . very, very slowly. My skills and brain just couldn’t handle juggling more than one project. I had a big fear of making mistakes, or ruining my sewing machine (?), or I assumed I didn’t understand the instructions. Little by little, I started to realize that things didn’t need to be cut out perfectly, seam rippers are there for a reason, and that instructions don’t disappear if you start a different project.

It appears that increased confidence sometimes comes with haphazard making. There are THREE (it’s actually more) WIPs / UFOs that I’ve been bouncing between for months. I kind of miss the extreme focus I used to dedicate to each project when I first started. So I’m doing a WIP Check and declaring a moratorium on starting anything new until these four are finished!

1. Kalle Shirt

I planned this shirt in March of 2018, cut it out in May, actually started sewing it in June, and. . . haven’t touched it since. It needs one side of the button placket, the sides, cuffs, and collar.

2. Tamarack Jacket

I don’t even know when the plan for this happened, but it was a LONG, LONG time ago. I cut it out on September 3rd and finished quilting it on October 14th, 2018. I installed one welt pocket over the weekend and plan to finish this WIP first since it’s still chilly jacket weather!

3. Peppermint Shorts Hack

I’m not sure this hack is going to work out, but I’m going to push through because I used really nice fabric. Just need to sew up one leg, the crotch, waistband, and hem.

Are you a one project at a time sewist, or do you juggle?

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  2. Totes a one project at a time gal over here. I have had a few occasions where there was a bit of a sewing disaster and I had to revisit it after some space but usually I start something and then I finish it. I don’t have room for WIPs!!! I barely have room for my fabric stash!

  3. I always have several things cut out…. I tend to only actually construct one thing at a time unless the project is being a jerk then it gets flung aside in a huff and I work on something else until I’m out of the funk.

  4. I think I do best with one project at a time, and I try to stick to that but I feel like there are a bunch of WIPs on the periphery, clouding my focus. This quick inventory (+ an upcoming move) is inspiring me to sort through my piles and projects. Thanks for sharing yours!

  5. Firmly in the ‘one project at a time’ camp, LOL. The closest to juggling is allowing my mind to plot a new garment when I’m getting close to the finish line on the make at hand.

    I think it’s awesome that people can have several projects on the go at one time.

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