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Elizabeth Suzann was my introduction to ethical fashion. On the ES blog Liz Pape, the owner, would talk openly about pricing and consumption, business practices, environmental impact, and many other important topics. In addition to its unique business practices, ES had so many beautiful and functional designs.

Unfortunately, after a couple months into the pandemic, it was announced that ES would be closing. 2022 UPDATE: New Elizabeth Suzann Studio website.

This incredibly sad announcement also came with the promise of eventually making the patterns available (and free) to the public. Bittersweet news for the sewing community.

A few lovely folx – @minimalistmachinist, @thestoryclubpdx, and @mombasics began working together to make Elizabeth Suzann patterns accessible almost immediately.

Favorites like Clyde, Georgia, Harper, and Florence are available through this newsletter. The Dropbox link (the only thing you’ll be sent through the newsletter) will be updated with patterns until Liz Pape is able and ready to release them herself.

Currently, it’s just the patterns, no instructions, but many makers have already posted mini sewalongs on Instagram. Tutorials can be found via #ESMadeByMe. I’ve also shared how I constructed this in an IG highlight, but you can also view it at the end of this post.

Now for the most important part, donations. As these patterns are open source/free, we’ve been encouraged to donation to Black-led social justice organizations. Since I’ve downloaded the Clyde jumpsuit and work pants, as well as the Harper tunic, I’ve donated $15 to each of the organizations listed in the newsletter, and will continue to donate that amount per pattern download.

UPDATE: due to the overwhelming response to the newsletter, it has since been shut down. It became too large of a project for our community members to manage. Liz Pape will be making them available sometime in the future, so hang tight. I will not email out the patterns I’ve downloaded, so please don’t ask.

2022 UPDATE: Patterns can be found here.

PATTERN: Clyde jumpsuit by Elizabeth Suzann

FABRIC: 8 oz thrifted denim I had in my stash (blue denim), 10 oz natural bull demin from Stonemountain Fabrics (off-white)

SIZE: medium short (blue denim), small short (natural denim)

MODS: none

ACCESSORIES: me made shoes and necklace, Block Shop Textiles mask

I really love these jumpsuits. There aren’t any closures; the neckline should be wide enough to fit over your hips. The design is part of the ES signature collection and can be worn any season. The armholes can accommodate a sweater in cooler weather, or a t-shirt / on its own in warmer weather.

The iconic pockets are deep and sit slightly away from your body. They pretty much remove the need to carry a purse.

If you’re unsure about sizing, there are a lot of measurement available on the ES website. If after checking the size charts you’re still unsure, make a muslin.

UPDATE: recently learned all made-to-order ES products were washed after being sewn. The ES team did a lot of research into shrinkage rates for their fabrics, so I would not suggest you do the same. Prewash your fabric in the same way you will wash the finished garment, measure using the stitch lines on the pattern pieces to gauge if certain areas will fit you well, and make a muslin!

UPDATE: after wearing the small several days in a row, I think I will add 1/2″ – 1″ to the torso length. I still need to compare the finished “rise” on the medium to determine what additional length is needed to be able to bend comfortably in the small.

I will probably make two more jumpsuits. I’m imaging one in black linen and another in a brown linen. But before I make those, I’m off to make a Harper tunic.

This slideshow shares my method for sewing up the Clyde jumpsuit.

12 Replies to “Clyde jumpsuits | #ESMadeByMe”

    1. The newsletter has been taken down as it became too challenging for our community members to manage. Liz Pape will be making them available eventually on the ES website.

  1. Thank you for your great content. The link however to the patterns no longer is available. Do you have any other suggestions on where to find them?

    1. The newsletter has been taken down as it became too challenging for our community members to manage. Liz Pape will be making them available eventually on the ES website.

  2. I want to add a bit more length to the rise —would you add it to the side panel, as well as the front and back pieces? Should I add it to the pocket panel that includes the hem as well to keep the proportions correct? How would you do it? I’m thinking of adding an 1”
    Thanks for your input!

    1. I haven’t done this myself yet, but you would definitely need to add to all of the panels, otherwise they wouldn’t match up. Hannah added length to her jumpsuit – check out her stories about it.

  3. whoooa, I have resisted jumpsuits up to now but I love this! Those pockets . . .
    Yours look great on. Your dog likes them too, so sweet!
    Thank you for all the great info–I will check out the ES website.

  4. Thanks for all the info. I have the patterns but am not sure how to determine yardage. How much fabric did you need for your for your CJs? Say, perhaps, 59” wide. Thanks!

    1. That will depend on size, width of fabric, fabric pattern, if it’s a twill weave, etc. I share what yardage I used on the last slide of the construction process.

  5. Would you be willing to share how much fabric you used for this? I want to make one (waiting for the pattern to be available) and I think I found the PERFECT wool fabric but I don’t know if it’ll be enough! Thank you!!

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