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  1. Second the Marché St Pierre next to the Sacré Coeur in Monmartre. There are dozens of fabric stores near there as well. I just came from Brussels and Librairie Filigraines was a lovely book store. I recommend their Musée de Beaux Arts as well.. We saw the Old Masters section with Bruegel but I would also recommend the post 1800s section. For museums in Paris, the Louvre is just not that magical. A lot of filler and a frustrating layout. The Musée D’Orsay and L’Orangerie (with the Waterlilies by Monet) are nice and not as crowded.

  2. The best vacation of my life was to Brussels. I recommend the Hergé museum, just a short train ride from the city (I’m not a Tintin fan but my travel companions were; I am an illustrator and just loved the museum anyway). Also, we went to lots of chocolate shops and ice cream stands and bought just a little at each so we could repeat that all day. There was also a lovely cozy restaurant just off the Grande Place that I can’t remember the name of – but it was underground, lots of red bricks, and the mussels and cheese with a fresh baguette were SO GOOD.

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