My stash has gotten a bit out of control. Simply put, I’m buying a shit ton more fabric than I’m sewing. And that’s right, I have some coming in the mail too. I try to buy fabric with a pattern in mind, but sometimes I don’t, or I change my mind… You know how it goes. So I’m going back to a tried and true method – drawing flats and pairing them with swatches. The only thing that’s different is I’m taking them out of my sketchbook and hopefully posting them somewhere super visible in my space. Oh, and documenting them here. I think once a project is completed, the drawing and swatch will go back into a sketchbook.

During Me Made May, my goal is to make as many comfy WFH pants as possible. We’ll see how much gets done.



Jumpsuits + Sets

I have a lot more in my stash, but these are the current fabrics and patterns that excite me. How do you plan?

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  1. What a wonderful wardrobe this will be. I too have a crazy stash. This has inspired me to be more organised. ( And I have more fabtic on its way too!)

  2. I’m glad to hear that other people have te same problem as me. Too much stash, planning but changing the plans, … I made a plan for the winter but it was no succes, I didn’t follow it to the end because it was too much.
    Now, for the summer: I take one fabric from my stash, I measure it to know how much fabric I have and then, I look for a pattern and I make it. And because I don’t want to end up with a lot of clothes that didn’t match together, I try to make something new that matches with some existing thing. I’ll see if this works…

    One more question: I see that you will make a Nani Iro summer coat. I like it! Where can I find this pattern?

  3. I keep a few fave pattern yardages in my phone notes just in case I run across something, but am always a bit dumbfounded when it comes to buying random yardages of something I love…I always end up buying way too little or way too much (unfortunately, it’s usually the former, and sadly, on vacations to faraway lands at places i will never see again.) Do you have a go-to number? ie “I always buy 4 yards…” or something? Having too much isn’t a problem as it’ll get used up in a quilt or something, but also, luggage space, and frugality…

  4. I’m a one-at-a-time sewist, so I got caught with my @ss in the breeze with lockdown. I used up a LOT of scraps and have some yardage on route now, though! I’m interested to see those Mel joggers made up – I’m in the market for new lounge pants patterns.

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