Last Make of 2017


Pattern: Oversized Kimono Jacket by @shopwiksten for Making Magazine.

Fabric: Main fabric Dakota Square Ikat – Cream on Black from Stonemountain. Lining is a thrifted linen duvet cover.

Size: XS

Mods: Set pockets into side and collar seams.

The minute I saw Jenny Gordy’s Instagram post about the Oversized Kimono Jacket back in September, I was in love. It was right around the time Elizabeth Suzann had updated its Signature Collection and I had kimono jackets on the brain. The Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket had just the right amount of box and it seemed like the design would also lend itself to modifications.

After ordering the magazine, I pulled out any fabric I had a lot of (the pattern requires SIX yards of fabric) and began playing with color and texture combos.

I really wanted to have enough of the two textiles above for an Ace & Jig-esque jacket, but couldn’t get it to work. The light green textile has two giant stains I didn’t notice until after washing and heat setting them in the dryer. Perhaps a Kochi Kimono?

This yummy rust mud cloth was also contender, but remains a throw since mud cloth is an absolute pain to sew and I’m having a hard time deciding on a lining.

I finally settled on a simple black and white ikat I’d had in my stash and paired it with a charcoal linen I also had an abundance of.

I originally cut out a size small, but the fit is so oversized I decided I could probably get away with extra small. I’m glad I sized down!

I changed up the pocket design partially because I’m so dang bad at matching patterns (the first set of patch pockets I cut and sewed were so off it was laughable) and I thought it was a little sleeker (plus I really want that ES Clyde Jacket).

Once all the pieces are cut out it’s a pretty quick sew. Our flight to my hometown was delayed by a day and I got all but the collar done on a second one.

I did attach the collar backwards in I’m-almost-done-I-totally-know-the-last-step excitement and the interfaced side is on the outside. It makes the fold a little more intense than the design intended but the pattern of the fabric kinda hides it.


I’m leaving this jacket in Michigan since my mom took a liking to it and I’ll take any excuse to buy more ikat fabric.

2 Replies to “Last Make of 2017”

  1. Oooh, love your jacket in ikat.

    I started to attach the collar the wrong way too on my jacket – interfacing on outside. Maybe the instructions were a little vague at that step? I had it all pinned on and had difficulty lining up the bottoms, when I realized it was backwards, so took it off and put it on the “right way”.

    I too have many more of those jackets planned 🙂

  2. I just bought this pattern and the exact ikat fabric, then found this post via Pinterest! I hope mine turns out this well!

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