#MMMay18 Week 4


Oh man. the tail end of Me Made Made was made extra special with a week-long head cold. Oh, and end of school year craziness. Hence this post being a week late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Day 23 – Yummy Colors

Me Mades: Mitchell Dress, porcelain necklace and earrings, Wiksten Oversized Kimono Jacket.

Other: Thrifted Frye boots, thrifted sweater because it’s cold.

Day 24 – Need more sweaters

Me Mades: Woven Hudson Pants, Shirt No. 1, WAK Classic Sweater.

Other: Vans, Shape Shape Shape Shape necklace.

Day 25 – A New Garment!

Me Mades: Hacked Wiksten Kimono, Emerson Crop Pants, silk noil Willow Tank.

Other: Dansko boots, vintage necklace.

Day 26 – It’s Finally Warming Up! (and I’m about to get sick)

Me Mades: Woven Hudson Pants, silk noil Hemlock Tee.

Other: Vans, Block Shop Scarf.

Day 27 – Cheater Day

Me Mades: Hand Block Printed Scarf, Purl Soho apron.

Other: Vans, thrifted jeans, thrifted t-shirt. I was working with dye today and didn’t want to risk getting in on any me-mades. The rest of the day was spent on the couch nursing a cold.


Me Mades: Linden Sweatshirt, self drafted culottes.

Other: Lots of Kleenex (not pictured).

Day 29 – BLAH.

Me Mades: Dress No. 1 with inseam pockets.

Other: Vans, thrifted t-shirt, sickness.

Day 30 – still BLAH.

Me Mades: Maya Top, Emerson Crop Pants.

Other: Vans, sickness.

Day 31 – Starting to feel better but then stayed up too late and made it all terrible again.

Me Mades: Roberts Collection Jumpsuit.



Before May stated, I could already identify the gaping holes in my Me Made wardrobe. I was hoping that the challenge of wearing only me-made garments would light a fire and get those holes at least partially filled in by the end of the month. After all, I made so much during May 2017. None of that happened. My productivity was pretty low and I’m trying not to beat myself up about it.


Outerwear – It was fricking cold in the Bay Area (okay, cold for CA) this month and I was forced to cheat a few times because of that. My current outerwear selection is mainly oversized kimonos and one Kelly Anorak, which I found didn’t pair well with the loose fitting silhouette of most of my me-made bottoms. It was just too much volume all together. I intend to make the Grainline Tamarack and the Hampton Jean Jacket to remedy this situation.

Jeans – Holy crap did I miss fitted pants. I really need to just go for it. Planning to make Ginger Jeans, Persephone pants, Landers, and Morgans (but with high waisted mom jean goodness).

Knit Tees – My serger is on the struggle bus which makes sewing knits (or anything really) infuriating. I’m starting to save for an upgrade, but until then I’m still going to try to knock out a few knit tops out, mainly Larks and and Hemlocks. I am intrigued by the Nettie Bodysuit too…

4 Replies to “#MMMay18 Week 4”

  1. Really enjoyed your post! And that modified Wiksten Kimono. I haven’t made it because it looks too baggy, but I’m reconsidering!

  2. Did you ever have a Chupa Chups lollipop? Your Yummy Colors ensemble is reminding me strongly of those (one of my favorite childhood candies)!

  3. What sweater pattern are you wearing in the first photograph (the yellow one)? And where is the fabric from that you used to make the short-sleeved green linden? Is that keith haring fabric? Love it!

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