#MMMay18 Week 3 (and a little of week 4)

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Day 13 – I need more me-made loungewear. I’ve been really wanting to make a robe for weekend mornings, which I think will be my first loungewear make (before a lot of Hudsons).

Me Mades: Emerson Crop Pants, Linden Sweatshirt (this poor thing is falling apart due to a serger fail I didn’t notice until the end).

Other: none.

Day 14 – Monday.

Me Mades: Emerson Crop Pants, woven Linden Sweatshirt.

Other: Vans, Fibrous earrings.

Day 15 – CHEATER. I cheated and wore a RTW item.

Me Mades: Cleo Skirt, Shirt No. 1.

Other: Thrifted Pilcro jean jacket, Birkenstock sandals, Fibrous earrings, Blockshop scarf.

Day 16 – I’d like for it to be summer.

Me Mades: Self drafted culottes, Scout Tee, Driftless Cardigan.

Other: Vans, Shape Shape Shape Shape necklace.

Day 13 – Very Voluminous. This was not a good outfit. The Mercer pairs better with skinny pants (which I have yet to make) and the culottes pair better with a tight knit top tucked in (also need to make), or a cropped woven shirt. You gotta balance out the bulk.

Me Mades: Self drafted culottes, Mercer Tunic.

Other: Avarca sandals, Baleen earrings.

Day 18 – Day OFFFFFFF.

Me Mades: Linden Sweatshirt, woven Hudson Pants.

Other: none. Because I was home. All dayyyyy.

Day 19 – Patternmaking Class

Me Mades: Geodesic Sweatshirt, woven Hudson Pants, silly necklace, Caravan Tote.

Other: Vans

Day 20 – I need to get my serger fixed to make more knit things.

Me Mades: Toaster Sweater, Emerson Crop Pants.

Other: Vans, Bookhou bag.

Day 21 – Monday. Last full week before summer break…

Me Mades: Inari Tee Dress.

Other: Dansko Maria Boots.

Day 22 – Not Enough Coffee (But I Sewed a New Garment!)

Me Mades: Wiksten Kimono, Emerson Crop Pants, woven Hemlock Tee.

Other: Blockshop scarf, Baleen earrings, thrifted clogs.

INSIGHTS: I definitely hit a wall in week 3. The challenge of wearing only me-made garments felt like a chore and some weird outfits came out of it (*shudder* Day 17)… And I cheated. I wore a RTW jacket. It’s been unseasonably chilly and I only have two Wiksten Kimonos and a Kelly Anorak as outerwear (which I’ve discovered doesn’t work with most of my me-mades). I need to make the Hampton Jean Jacket and Tamarack Jacket.

Another contributor to the Week 3 struggle was my sewing fail with the Persephone Pants. I made a straight size 4, which matches perfectly with my measurements, but are HUGE. I’m not sure if it’s a crotch curve thing or a fabric thing, but either way they don’t fit. Once I put them on and realized they weren’t going to work, I wadded them up and they’ve been on the floor ever since. I wasn’t immediately good at making them and that feeling just affirmed all of my fears of making fitted, non-elastic waist pants. Totally irrational. I’m taking some space from them before trying to overcome this setback.

My serger is also having lots of tension issues I can’t seem to resolve, putting all the knit tops I want to make on the back burner (and making me dream of this beauty). BUT last night I finished the first garment this month! I put the bias finish on the neck of a silk noil Hemlock Tee I sewed up last month. Here’s to a better week!

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