#MMMay18 Week 2

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Day 7 – Ugh, Monday.

Me Mades: Cleo Skirt, Inari Tee I made for my wedding, Wiksten Kimono.

Other: Clarks shoes, thrifted necklace, Warby Parker sunglasses, tights from somewhere.

Day 8 – Bunchy Tuesday

Me Mades: Roberts Collection Dungarees, Kelly Anorak, Lou Box Top. I have a hard time feeling comfortable in these dungarees if the shirt underneath isn’t super tight. I need to make some form fitting knit tops.

Other: Vans, Etsy necklace.

Day 9 – Black and Brown Forever

Me Mades: Emerson Crop Pants, Scout Tee, Driftless Cardigan.

Other: Nisolo shoes

Day 10 – I ripped this jumpsuit on my bike 🙁

Me Mades: Driftless Cardigan, Roberts Collection Jumpsuit.

Other: Blockshop Scarf, Vans.

Day 11 – Wish I had jeans.

Me Mades: Shirt No. 1, self drafted wedding skirt, Wiksten Kimono.

Other: Kork-Ease sandals, Fanny Penny necklace.

Day 12 – Morning/Evening

Me Mades: Timber Quilt, Farrow Dress.

Other: Baleen Earrings, wedges I bought on Instagram, Thief & Bandit leggings.

INSIGHTS – This week I really started to feel challenged and miss my RTWs, but two really good combos came out of it. I felt super comfortable, yet put together on Day 9 and although my wedding skirt was a wee bit too tight, the colors and textures of Day 11 were just yummy.

I’m not having the same jump in productivity as last year, but I think that can be attributed to a few things. My drawing practice is taking up more of my free time, this time last year I wasn’t enrolled in my Patternmaking class, work isn’t killing my soul like it did last year (I am 100% ready for summer break though), and I’m not doing a monthly make challenge.

I have two Kalle shirts cut out and I NEED Persephone pants in my life. Hoping inspiration will hit and those will be on my body before the end of May.

How’s MMMay18 going for you?

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