#MMMay18 Week 1

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I partook in Me Made May last year, but didn’t really know all that much about it. Thanks to last week’s LOVE TO SEW podcast, I learned more about its purpose and (self-imposed) parameters. My main takeaways from the episode are that it’s not a photo-a-day challenge, it should help you pinpoint holes in your me-made wardrobe, and that’s it’s meant to be challenging. Oh, and it’s an opportunity to celebrate your makes.

This go around I really do feel challenged – I’m wearing me-made tops and bottoms for 31 days, excluding most undergarments, cycling gear, shoes/socks, and most accessories. I don’t ever plan to have a fully me-made closet. I like supporting ethical fashion brands (evidenced by all those Blockshop scarves) and I like the quirkiness of thrifted garments. Also, knitting is hard and I get chilly.

Although it’s not a photo challenge, I’m documenting each day in my IG Stories and plan to do weekly wrap ups here on the blog.

Day 1 – Pattern Testing Edition

Me Mades: Paddleboat Studio‘s Mitchel Jumpsuit Wiksten Kimono (soon-to-be-released). Both pieces I had the pleasure of pattern testing!

Other: Thrifted clogs, Blockshop scarf, Baleen Earrings.

Day 2 – The “Funny” Outfit

One of my sweet 6th graders said “Ms. P I like the way you dress. It’s funny… But also nice.”

Me Mades: WAK Classic Sweater, hidden knit Lou Box Top, Emerson Crop Pants, ceramic mug.

Other: Vans, Hands & Curls necklace.

Day 3 – I thought it was Friday

Me Mades: woven Hudson Pants, Geodesic Crop Sweatshirt made from a thrifted mens XL sweatshirt.

Other: Vans, Blockshop scarf.

Day 4 – I’m not mad I don’t have me-made jeans for Friday (she lies).

Me Mades: Stowe Bag I use as a lunch bag, Self-drafted culottes for my patternmaking class, woven Grainline Linden, Wiksten Oversized Kimono.

Other: Fibrous earrings, thrifted Kork-Ease sandals.

Day 5 – Pattermaking Class

Me Mades: woven Hudsons, Shirt No. 1, Caravan Tote.

Other: Vans, Blockshop scarf.

Day 6 – Alameda Antiquing

Me Mades: Same Emerson Crop Pants from Day 2, Willow Tank.

Other: Sun hat, Vans.

INSIGHTS – Boy do I miss fitted pants and knit t-shirts. I knew these garment types were huge holes in my me-mades, but dang. It’s also been unseasonable chilly here in the Bay Area meaning I need more outwear/layering pieces. I’ve wanted to make the Hampton Jean Jacket since its release (I have all the things for it too) and a Tamarack Jacket, though I haven’t had a truly inspired fabric choice for it yet.

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